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September 6, 2008

Palin linkage and more.

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Here’s a small collection of blog linkage. There is a lot being said right now about Sarah Palin and reproductive health, and I think I’d like to chime in on that, but it will probably have to wait as I have work to do.

* Crooks and Liars makes the allegation that Sarah Palin cut funding for teen pregnancy programs; as governor of Alaska, and MOMocrats presented evidence that Palin also cut funding that would help special needs children, during her tenure.

* From the GRRRRR files, Feministe has an article about Rep. Lynn Westmoreland calling Barack and Michelle Obama the very racially loaded word “uppity.” Disgusting, eh? Pass the barf bag!

* Brownfemipower has a very good point about some feminists disdain for grassroots community organizing.

* And to come back to the subject of Sarah Palin, Rachel from Rachel’s Tavern has another good point about how people need to leave Bristol Palin alone.

* Another from the GRRRRRRRR files, Racialicious points out a horrible ad which makes Latinos the country’s boogeypeople yet again. *sigh*

* And lastly, Heart from Women’s Space posts about some folks in Australia’s brilliant (sarcastic here) idea to have women run an 80 meter race in stilettos!

Ok, back to work! 😉

Whoops, I forgot to mention that MOMocrats is a new addition to my blogroll; I dig it!

NP: Falco – Der Kommissar


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