Small-Town Elitist

January 28, 2009

Insert dramatic music here…I’m back!

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If you are looking at this blog right now, are you shocked yet? I’ve decided to make my return. We all still have our share of problems in society, and the potential for solutions, so before this first month of 2009 is done and spoken for, I’ve decided to make the committment to resume blogging.

My chosen blog topics will continue to be quite a bit of what I was blogging about before taking my break, but I do also have goals for this year as well. I will continue to write about, and try to step up my work, writing about fundamentalist religion of all stripes with a focus on Christianity, since that it was I am best familiar with. I commit to spend quite a bit of time writing about economic conditions both at large, and in my little town and region of California. I have had it up to here with listening to clueless fools with too much money and time on their hands in mainstream media talking about poverty issues they neither understand, nor sufficiently care enough about.

And to lighten things up just a little bit, I will include a couple catagories to take the load off, a crafting/DIY section where I’ll talk  about my obsession about all things crafty and extoll their political virtues; and a catagory I’ll call “Empowerment by DIY” where I’ll talk about something that, to me can mean anything from learning how to write letters to your political representatives to give yourself a voice, to educating yourself about nutrition in order to take charge of yours and your family’s health during this financially strapped times.

That is my “I’m back” message in a nutshell. I am going to have to teach myself to balance blogging with college, my part-time business, and life in general.

It’s good to be back!


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