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May 20, 2009

Getting serious about this blog and stuff…

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Hi there all, it’s been another dry spot of no posts from me, huh?

Well, I decided it was time to resolve for once and for all to do more blogging, and make more of the opportunity of my soapbox here.

As you may have noticed, the primary url of the blog has changed to (woohoo). I finally filled the “About” page of the blog with a bio (and if you would like to see what your Friendly Elitist looks like, my photo is there too). I’ll be adding new links to the blogroll, especially now that I’ve discovered the people with disabilities blogosphere. I made it easier for you to comment – your comments will appear immediately now w/o my approval (so that the discussion here will be less dead), and I’ve made sure that in the event I do need to approve or respond to something, I will know about it much much sooner.

Here’s some of the post topics that should be coming up soon:

* A post about the Psycho Donuts contraversy among the mental health community
* Book review of David Neiwert’s The Eliminationists
* Book review of Nigel Suckling’s Vampires
* Essay about how young jewelry designers are changing what it means to wear pearls
* A post about a charm bracelet creation I’m especially proud of.

Well, hopefully we can all enjoy this blog some more! 😉


September 5, 2008

Salutations from the Small-Town Elitist!

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Allow me to introduce myself, and this blog!

My name is Annaleigh, and welcome to Small-Town Elitist. I chose this blog’s name as a reference to the hilarious smear being through around about Barack Obama, that he is an elitist because of the things he believes in, as if no one in Small-Town America could possibly share those beliefs, and as if it wasn’t completely ridiculous that the upper echalons of our society (Republicans) throw the slur around without any sense of their own irony!

Anyway, I am a student and part-time crafty entreprenuer living in the Central Valley of California. I attend Bakersfield College, and am pursuing a degree in History and Anthropology. My passions include reading almost anything of value that I can get my hands on, anti-violence activism, DIY and crafting, learning, music, politics, fashion, you name it.

This blog will mainly center around politics and social justice, from the viewpoint of a small-town elitist, the girl who was a shy loner and more interested in learning than some of the things that are stereotyped as small-town values and interests.

I will blog about this election; about my personal break from “big-f” feminism as a label and search for something more meaningful to be as a multiracial/multiethnic woman of color and a person of faith; about all kinds of activism; about local politics and local issues, including our poverty, unfortunately; human rights; current events; education; Christianity, including the question of gender issues; and finally, for more lighter post fodder, DIY. Add anything else that may be pertinent! 🙂

Another thing worth pointing out, is I am hoping to volunteer in this year’s USA presidential election, and as that hopefully comes to fruition I will be blogging about it here!

Hello world!

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